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10 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Christmas Party

Posted Nov 24, 2017 by Vanessa Freeman

Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Christmas Party Gifts Featured ImageWith your gorgeous new home, you’re looking forward to hosting the ultimate Christmas party. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the season while giving your friends and family the chance to see the home you’ve worked so hard to create. You want everything to go perfectly, and using these tips will prevent any problems from occurring. 

1. Plan Your Guest List Wisely

It’s tempting to invite everyone in your life, but inviting all of your relatives and all of your co-workers creates an awkward mix. Instead, think carefully about who you’ll invite. Will children be allowed or will this be an adults-only party? Additionally, think about how many people your home can comfortably hold. Even if you have a great floor plan for entertaining, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can host 100 people. 

2. Invite Your Guests Early

The month of December is a busy time, so you’ll want to be sure people put your party on their schedule early. Send out invitations at the end of November, especially if you’re planning something on a weekend. Paper invitations may cost a bit more to send, but they’ll set an elegant tone for the party. Remember to include any notes about attire or the gift-giving procedures in the invite.

Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Christmas Party Couple Image3. Make Decisions About Gift-Giving

Christmas often involves the exchange of gifts, so think about how this should be handled at your party - do you want everyone to bring gifts or do you want to make it clear there will be no gift-giving? If you do decide there will be gifts, think of how you can keep it organized. At many holiday parties, people are asked to bring a gift anyone could enjoy, and then people simply pick up a present. To make this easier for your guests, you could have a theme like “Books That Changed Your Life” or “Sweet Treats.” 

Other people like to draw names out of a hat (or use a computerized version) so they’re buying a gift for a particular person. Finally, if many of your guests already have everything they need, you might ask people to bring an unwrapped toy to donate to a charitable organization

4. Hire a Caterer

Decide what type of food you’d like to have at your party – a sit-down meal or Christmas hors-d'oeuvres – and save yourself some stress by hiring a caterer. Many places will simply deliver the food or have you pick it up yourself, and all you’ll have to do is follow the instructions for reheating. This allows you to enjoy your own party without worrying about preparing the food.

5. Set Up a Bar

People will want refreshments, and it’s easy to let them make their own drinks. Put some bottles of beer in a cooler with ice, set out some bottles of wine, and include a few bottles of liquor and mixers. Kids will feel fancy if you serve them juice from a punch bowl, and adults who don’t drink alcohol might appreciate a coffee-based punch. Remember to have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks on hand as well. If you’ll be using cups, wine charms can help guests remember which glass is theirs while you can use a Sharpie pen to write names on kids’ plastic cups.

6. Prepare Your Home for Guests

Make sure your home is clean before guests arrive. Consider hiring a cleaning service to help you prepare. Aside from this, you may need to rearrange some of your furniture to make more space or rent some extra tables and chairs to accommodate all of your guests. Don’t forget to make space in the foyer closet. Guests will want a place to hang their jackets.

Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Christmas Party Table Image7. Stick to Elegant Christmas Decorations

If you want your party to have an upscale vibe, you need to make sure your home’s décor reflects that. Consider putting away the kid-created Christmas crafts. When decorating your Christmas tree, opt for white lights rather than blinking coloured lights. Evergreens, candles, and other simple touches like this should be the focus of your decorations.

8. Create a Music Play List

A bit of background music makes a party feel lively, but you don’t want to leave the playlist up to chance by selecting a Christmas-themed radio station that might play a few cheesy songs along with the classics. Instead, pick your own music, set it up on your smartphone or iPad, and then connect it to the wireless speakers throughout your home. Choose songs that are old favourites with a mellow vibe. 

9. Party Favours

Plan to give your guests holiday party favours as they leave. This could be something fun and Christmas-themed. For instance, a classy ornament may be a good choice because it’s easy to find space for a new ornament. If your party is at the beginning of the season, you might hand out fresh Christmas wreaths for guests to hang on their doors at home.

10. Little Extras

If you really want to go all-out, a few upscale details can make a big difference. For instance, you might hire a bartender to take care of drinks, or a professional childminder to do planned activities with the kids to keep them entertained so the adults can socialize. 

Christmas is a special season, and it’s the perfect time for some entertaining. With proper planning, guests will never forget the fun they’ve had.

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