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Spring 2018 Design Trends

Posted Mar 21, 2018 by Vanessa Freeman


Spring is officially here and this season’s home design is bolder than ever. From luxe velvet and bold patterned wallpapers to brass and organic accents, 2018 isn’t coming in quietly.

Here are our top predictions for home décor trends to keep up with this spring 2018.

brass faucetBRASS FIXTURES

Copper and rose gold fixtures have been hugely popular for the past few years but brass accents are welcoming their way back into our homes. The brass metallic finishes adds that luxurious feel to any room, making it popular across several different home types. There’s a continued affection for mixing brass finishes in all areas, such as furniture, bathroom fixtures, lights, cabinet hardware and accessories.


From traditional and classic to bold and graphic, wallpaper is back this year in a big way. People are using wallpaper to express their own individuality and personality, whether that’s through clashing wallpapers or large scale patterns and mural. Rather than the previously popular feature wall; 2018 will be more adventurous in using patterned and textured walls for the whole room. Some people are even expressing their individuality with statement ceilings in designs like geometric shapes; a popular choice this year to make a bold statement in any room.


Tired of seeing the traditional white and stainless steel sinks? This spring, we will see a shift to more rustic choices like copper, granite, concrete and even stone. Expect to see sinks in darker hues of gray, bronze and even black for that added contracts in the kitchens. Bucket sinks have also seen some traction; they are the perfect complement to the farmhouse style trend, which has remain popular this year.



Wabi-sabi is the Japanese art to finding beauty in imperfections and one of the sought after trends for 2018. In home design, this translate into minimal, organic designs and shapes and an appreciation of natural objects and their flaws. Search for decorative accents made out of materials that wear, tear, crack and rust such as wood, leather and stone. Reclaimed wood can be incorporated into several areas such as a fireplace mantle or handcrafted into sliding barn doors.


Velvet is now seen as a luxurious touch to any home, transforming a room from dull to delightful. With the advancements in the fabric technology you can now find upholstery velvets and velvet accents that are soft and plush with low maintenance characteristic. If you are a bit hesitant, start off with velvet décor accents such as throw pillows or drapes, but if you are bold enough, incorporate a bold velvet sofa to make any living space stand out.




Concrete has always been one of the popular material choices for floors and counter tops. However, this year expect to see them utilized in more interesting and unusual places like wall covering, tile, furniture and decorative accessories. Concrete can be used for your fireplace, a dining table or even light fixtures which can bring a unique sense of style to any home.

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